Dhuandhar Falls…Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)

In cable car to Dhuandhar Falls
Cable Car Ride…..Feel like a bird.

The Cable car ride reminded me of the one I took in Sentosa, Singapore….The difference was that we saw only water there as we passed over the port….Here its just a lot of green.

Greenery and water
View from the Cable car…..soothing green.

The cable car ride is about 10 minutes one way…..thats so little time when you have a camera handy ….I managed a few satisfactory clicks before reaching.

Love the water
View from Above….By the way Dhuandhar falls are actually located on River Narmada.

Dhuan in Hindi means smoke ….perhaps its called Dhuandhar because of the enormous mist that surrounds the site ….and thats because of the speed with which the water actually falls.

Dhuandhar Falls
On the way to the falls.

Dhuandhar falls are actually located on the Narmada river which is one of the five holy rivers of India….In India it is believed that a dip in a holy river can wash away one’s sins…

Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Getting Close to Dhuandhar Falls.

There is also a mythological story stating that Ganges visits the Narmada to cleanse herself when it feels polluted….As Ganges is the most visited river by pilgrims in India.

the misty falls in Jabalpur
Dhuandhar or full of mist.

The place is beautiful with some magical panorama …..if you are a professional photographer it would help to bring your best wide lenses…..

Dhuandhar at Jabalpur
The real Fall….

There it is water falling from a height of about 100 ft…..thats some noise and a whole lot of mist….its lovely to feel the water splashing on your face as you get close to it….a feeling of deja vu as I remember the Niagara Falls ….this one’s minus the maid of the mist.

overcast sky at Dhuandhar falls
Overcast Sky at the falls.

Again as much as I would hate to talk about it ….it would be so nice if the authorities could do something about the upkeep of this place…..this can be a preferred holiday destination especially for those looking beyond Agra and Jaipur….. forget about visitors from other countries not many Indians are aware of the existence of such an exotic locale.


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