Jabalpur Excursion……The Marble Rocks

Sunset at Bhedaghat
Sunset at Bhedaghat…I was lucky to get a beautiful sunset moment at the marble rock site.

Jabalpur is as you can see best enjoyed when you go there leaving your hyper active city brain behind….Some breathtaking views await you in this pristine green slow paced town….

Marble Rocks
The famous marble rocks where one can enjoy a boat ride.

This place is still not very touristy with few big hotels….Though I feel it has the potential to become a major hub for those looking for a short getaway from the hectic city life….And yes it has an airport another reason for people looking for something new to visit this place.

Two young gymnasts
Two young gymnasts performing their stunts

If you are lucky or not so lucky(they ask for money after they are done) you will see some amazing performances by the village boys.

wow superb performance
wow superb performance….I simply loved their enthusiasm.
The jumper and the gymnast
There you go….the final dip

Though not very known amongst the travelers its beauty however has been captured many times in Hindi Bollywood films….Remember the famous song from the film “Asoka” where Kareena Kapoor dances to “Raat ka Nasha”.Two Ponderers

Two Ponderers….they seem to be lost in the aura of the lake…

It would be a good idea to carry a pen and a diary you might be moved by the energy to pen down some beautiful poems….or simply sit by the lake and let go.

The marble being carved
Marble Works….the guy is creating a marble statue.

The place of course is very famous for marble carved articles….you wont believe they are so inexpensive you could fill your house with marble (and gift some to friends)….especially when you see people working on them you feel they should be priced higher if not for the material atleast for the effort.


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