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Dhuandhar Falls…Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)

In cable car to Dhuandhar Falls
Cable Car Ride…..Feel like a bird.

The Cable car ride reminded me of the one I took in Sentosa, Singapore….The difference was that we saw only water there as we passed over the port….Here its just a lot of green.

Greenery and water
View from the Cable car…..soothing green.

The cable car ride is about 10 minutes one way…..thats so little time when you have a camera handy ….I managed a few satisfactory clicks before reaching.

Love the water
View from Above….By the way Dhuandhar falls are actually located on River Narmada.

Dhuan in Hindi means smoke ….perhaps its called Dhuandhar because of the enormous mist that surrounds the site ….and thats because of the speed with which the water actually falls.

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Jabalpur Excursion……The Marble Rocks

Sunset at Bhedaghat
Sunset at Bhedaghat…I was lucky to get a beautiful sunset moment at the marble rock site.

Jabalpur is as you can see best enjoyed when you go there leaving your hyper active city brain behind….Some breathtaking views await you in this pristine green slow paced town….

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