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Drive through…Anaheim Hills

Well, sometimes its nice to just drive through a place and soak it in. The roads, the hills, the trees, the sunsets are some of the beautiful things that one can capture during a long drive…well I tried to do that when I was in California, which is very scenic and a very pleasant weather make its even more perfect.

It was not just the beauty of these Anaheim hills that fascinated me while I stayed there, it was also amazing how so many freeways and highways interlinked together eased out the huge traffic leading them in various directions…the landscaped roads and secluded houses on the hills made me think how every small thing adds up to make life easier, comfortable and more pleasant for people in a country.

I wanted to appreciate the engineering behind these freeways, the maintenance of a very clean environment with a lot of natural beauty, the landscaping around the cities and ofcourse those beautiful houses far far away on the hills.

While I wait for another time when I will be fortunate enough to travel to this place again… I thought I will share with you some shots from that picturesque drive through the hills.

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States Unlimited….

Blast from the past if I can say that…

Here is a series that I am creating for those interested in coming along on a USA trip with me….especially those who wanna see the most prominent and outstanding places here( not that other states are not happening however when you say States to a foreigner people think DC or New York or Los Angeles or may be Chicago … San Francisco too …atleast in India)

The first few posts we will travel across the very vibrant and effervescent New York.

The place had a very strong pulse to it…its got that typical vibe of a fast paced city…though that was mostly in the Manhattan area… places like Soho which I happened to swing by seemed quieter.

My first conversation in New York was with my cab driver who thought we were a lucky bunch visiting the best of USA in one trip….we were coming from DC and planned to visit Niagra while on the east coast and then off to LA….

First stroll on the narrow pathways of Manhattan, cabs running around, black,red and and a few strap sandals pacing down the blocks , walking tirelessly from one block to the other,  waiting on the signal and then quickly resuming…. I felt everyone had so much to finish by the end of the day that they wanted to quickly rush to their offices (this was ofcourse in the morning)

New York apparently had the best breakfast options and it seems no one really bothers with fixing the first meal of the day why would you when you have the best cuisines from all across the globe.

Considering that most of my assignments in India were based on a rural or atleast a semi urban setting this seemed like a striking change.

Also since it was summer time people from across the globe thronged the place especially the Times Square area.

The gallery includes the oh so special icon of freedom, the statue of liberty, and the Brooklyn bridge area…up next is Times Square.

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Jabalpur Excursion……The Marble Rocks

Sunset at Bhedaghat
Sunset at Bhedaghat…I was lucky to get a beautiful sunset moment at the marble rock site.

Jabalpur is as you can see best enjoyed when you go there leaving your hyper active city brain behind….Some breathtaking views await you in this pristine green slow paced town….

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