Transgenders in Politics

Transgenders in Ploitics
Shabnam Mausi in sari is the first eunuch MLA of the country…… Shabnam Mausi, won election from Suhagpur seat in Madhya Pradesh in 2000. source RVP

The Rashtriya Viklang party had announced about 50 eunuch names for the ongoining UP elections. We see a connection here with the recent anti corruption campaign. It seems the masses are in no mood to put up with graft anymore and want real change to take place.

Party president K.K Dikshit feels that “Since they have no families they feel no reason to hoard money or have vested interest in politics”. This could be a major factor encouraging people to choose a eunuch as their leader.

“The party has decided to field at least 50 eunuchs from different assembly seats and five names have already been announced,” says party’s national general secretary and UP incharge Virendra Kumar

Transgenders in Politics
Rashtriya Viklang Party campaigning for the UP elections. source RVP

“In our election manifesto, various issues related to eunuchs, including reservation in accordance with population, pension to eunuchs above 40 years like Delhi Municipal Corporation, right to live like a common citizen and their rehabilitation will be included,” Kumar said.

A group of people are still living off certain ceremonial offerings given during occasional celebrations. It is ironical then that this community is not welcome in any mainstream activity.

“ The Kinnars are themselves to be blamed for their situation”, Shabnam mausi is quick to take the blame on the eunuch community.  “ I blame them as most are happy making easy money by clapping during other peoples marriages and other celebrations”

A certain amount of mainstreaming would be required to bring them out of their comfort zone and people like Shabnam mausi can prove to be a source of inspiration for other eunuchs to follow suit. There is a lot that can be done to improve their situation and mainstream them however an initiative also needs to come from them.


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