Inside the Indian prison — Tihar Jail (Exclusive Pictures)

Thats me at Tihar Jail
Thats me at Tihar Jail with the prisoners working on the Holi project.

The supposedly most dreaded place of the city welcomed me a few days ago…I was visiting the Jail where currently Holi project is going on …. The reformation and rehabilitation programme Antarkranti by Divya Jyoti Jagruti Sansthan is a prisoner reform drive to mainstream the socially and spiritually disconnected people.

Holi colors project at Tihar
Holi colors project at Tihar….they are at it mixing colours.

The programme is functional in 27 jails across India for the past 17 years. Infact a large number of prisoners are committed workers in the team and also join the organisation post their release. The Holi project by Antarkranti an initiative by Divya Jyoti Jagruti Sansthan (DJJS) runs it for about 4 months prior to the festival.

Holi project at Tihar Jail
Holi project at Tihar Jail…..

ANTARKRANTI – Prisoner Reformation & Rehabilitation Program involves Regular spiritual session, Counselling, Initiation in to Meditation Techniques, Meditation Camps Vocational and Livelihood Initiatives- Regular Activities that run throughout the year are placed under this category: Handmade Paper Bags, Aromatic Products, Herbal beauty products; heena, face packs etc. Seasonal Activities – under this section products such as herbal holi gulal and rakhies are made and Drug Abuse Prevention.

Colours being measured
Colours being measured…….

The task involves making colours, weighing and then packing them. Incidentally a weighing machine is the only mechanical instrument involved in the process. Everything else is hand operated and created with the process of thinning, churning, developing and packing. . Infact this is the first time that a Tihar product has gone outside the country. The organisation has exported to London and Europe.

Filling the boxes
Filling the boxes….

Coming to the colours that are being produced, with more and more people preferring to use herbal colours, ingredients are the first thing that people want to know about. The good part is that the colours are completely natural made of organic substances. They use maize starch, vegetables/ fruits/ plants grade colours, essence and fragrance.

Vishalanandji from DJJS
Vishalanandji from DJJS…

The colours that come in seven different shades include – red, pink, green, orange, yellow, purple, magenta and sky blue. Interestingly while the colours are made using organic material which is soft on the skin it is also kept in mind that they leave a soothing effect on the body and the senses. This is done by adding stress busting and calming essence and fragrance that leave the body rejuvenated.

Prisoner Reformation and Rehabilitation programme
Prisoner Reformation and Rehabilitation programme….

For example green is made of lemongrass red is made of fresh rose, yellow is made of sandalwood while purple and blue are made of lavender and mint respectively. These are all herbs and flowers known for their tranquilizing and relaxing after effect……………

Is it not amazing that these are actually convicted ones and mostly serving life term?…….Vishalanandji from DJJS addressing my query says that it is not an overnight process however it is not unusual for convicts to get reformed and even repent.

Well All I can say is all the best DJJS….Keep up the good work.


6 replies to “Inside the Indian prison — Tihar Jail (Exclusive Pictures)

  1. Hey Shivani,
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring article with us. Antarkranti is doing such a wonderful job but I am afraid they are such a silent workers. I am highly impressed by the work and dedication of Antarkranti Team and Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.

    All my prayers for this team for the good work, Cheers !!

    1. Hey thanks Harish….I’m happy you liked it…and ofcourse DJJS is really doing great work…Infact the whole vibe of Tihar is very different from what I had imagined….its great that they are giving a second chance to those who’ve a lot of them stay connected with the org. even after they are released…it can go a long way in bringing about real change.

  2. Dear Shivani,
    Keep it up!
    You are following Gandhi Ji’s philosophy of hating crime but not criminal.
    All the best!

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