My Exhibition …. Texas, United States

By the grace of God and the blessings of my well wishers, friends and family, I had the good fortune of exhibiting my artwork …what I call my picture paintings on canvas, in Texas, United States.

Its a prelude to my exhibition by the same name i.e “Life…Sa Re Ga Ma”…. planned for this winter in New Delhi.

Life…Sa Re Ga Ma where Sa Re Ga Ma are the Indian musical notes depicting different life forms dancing to the rhythm of divergent tunes of the life song in India. To show such an ecstatic and colourful symphony that comes alive with different elements of nature is what I have endeavoured to create in my current series.

There is an element of life that exists…and there is another element that is not part of the tangible…that which cannot be seen or touched but exists in the subconscious of every such element.

In other words, there is something that you have or that is your reality and there is something that you aspire for or dream of consciously or unconsciously.

As a being, I understand there is a dream consciousness as we all live life in daily existence combating the ground realities. However, I have visualised this three dimensional consciousness for not just humans but also other beings and non beings like birds, flowers, water, the sky and the monuments and sculptures.

My picture collection from all my travels  across India in the past four years or so culminated into this series…. As I travelled to the inner core of life, that is so much living and thriving in the heartland of this vibrant and vivid country called INDIA, I captured many images which depict life beyond needs, life happy in its being, whatever be the circumstance, and life celebrating life!

Sharing some pictures from the event….


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