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The succulent kababs of Lucknow…

They say no trip to Lucknow can be complete without a visit to Aminabad where the famous Tunday Kababi is located…

though the market boasts of a number of shops selling kababs, nans and the special sheermal (saffron flavored flatbread).

The market around the hyper active restuarant is equally hyper active…loud enough to bring you to your centre.

You feel like you are meditating in the midst of the chaos, and you actually are since no thought can sustain in your brain for more than 30 seconds. 

Maneuvering your way through the bikes and rickshaws, a stroll around the market presents some of the most amazing photo opportunities of real people going about their usual business.

If you can be strong enough to smile at the guy who would not stop honking incessantly… the trip to this place can be quite memorable..

shopaholic women trying to find a ride while a guy tries to sell balloons to them, the extra curious passersby insisting on guiding you around or the peanuts seller who would not agree to keep the remaining change and insist that you take the balance money back 

…my country has some of the most interesting and genuine people.

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The year that was…Saguaro Cactus!

How time flies?

leaving behind memories… immortal carvings on the canvas of one’s heart! isn’t it?


My last post is actually more than two years old…got so busy drinking the wine called ‘life”…in all its hues and forms…that it feels like I’m emerging from a hangover.

Well! Sometimes life demands your full attention and its best to give it to it.

Anyhow! Coming to the picture …these are called the Saguaro Cactus that I found on the highway in Arizona….was on a road trip from Texas to Los Angeles…

Researched about them and this is what I found

  • The saguaros are the state wildflower of Arizona…can be easily spotted in the state especially if you are on the highway traveling from neighboring states.
  • Saguaros live long….often their lifespan exceeds 150 years.
  • These cacti easily absorb and store considerable amounts of rainwater and in the process look gigantic …they slowly use the stored water as needed.
  • When rain is plentiful and the saguaros are fully hydrated they can weigh between 3,200–4,800 pounds (1,500–2,200 kg). Wow!!!

This one sure seems to be waving…a high five!

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Mangosteen….Nothing like Mango!

This one has a more striking name than features….

May be not related to mango but it is called the ‘queen’ of tropical fruits

just like Mango is the ‘king of fruits’….

The purple exterior reveals a pure white somewhat tangy fruit…

And again Mangosteen is native to South Asia…

Somehow, never seen it back home.

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Lychee’s cousin “Rambutan”

That’s a very unusual fruit again…it looks somewhat like “lychee”,  but this one is hairy on the exterior.

Surprisingly, this fruit is native to tropical Southeast Asia and commonly grown throughout Indonesia , Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

But I saw this first in the US so it features on my list of unique things I’ve found here.

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Sugarcane in a packet!

Shivani Pandey

Living in India who has not heard of sugarcane?

I remember having sugarcane juice, ‘Ganne ka Ras’ as a child, which is a rarity to find in Delhi nowadays!

In the good old days, we had hawkers selling sugarcane pieces called ‘ganderi’ outside the school that we used to relish so much…

But I  could never imagine an 8 or 10 inch piece of sugarcane being sold in a packet….

And I always thought India was the largest producer of sugarcane but that’s not true, it’s actually Brazil that produces the highest amount of sugarcane in the world.




One boat…symbolizing the boat of life, being stopped by the bars of life, yet carrying on in its journey to the shore of human endeavours!

Take me Home

From the series titled Life…Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

The artist has experimented with photography on canvas that so relateswith the theme which explores dream consciousness in life. Canvases depictvarious life forms and their aspirations. There are portraits, landscapes, flowers and monuments that the artist encountered while travelling to the inner core of the country that is so living and thriving.

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I do not see you in a mosque or temple

I can’t read those books I am too simple

As I weave and sculpt in total surrender

Your kasturi touches me so tender

ArtistFrom the series titled, Kasturi … an eternal Search

Kasturi or deer musk is found in the navel of deers of the Indian subcontinent. A musk deer goes on searching for the fragrance while all along the source of the same lies inside its own body. All the search for the unknown, or God or happiness or peace, also seem to be in vain. The actual source of everything that is worth achieving lies much inside all of us.

 When everything in nature is happy without chasing this and that then why only humans feel uncomfortable without a purpose or a chase. While nature performs perfectly it does not expect to reach a destination while reaching a destination seems most important for humans even at the cost of inefficiency. Only if we be more peaceful and do our most trivial tasks with enthusiasm our life would fall in place.