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The succulent kababs of Lucknow…

They say no trip to Lucknow can be complete without a visit to Aminabad where the famous Tunday Kababi is located…

though the market boasts of a number of shops selling kababs, nans and the special sheermal (saffron flavored flatbread).

The market around the hyper active restuarant is equally hyper active…loud enough to bring you to your centre.

You feel like you are meditating in the midst of the chaos, and you actually are since no thought can sustain in your brain for more than 30 seconds. 

Maneuvering your way through the bikes and rickshaws, a stroll around the market presents some of the most amazing photo opportunities of real people going about their usual business.

If you can be strong enough to smile at the guy who would not stop honking incessantly… the trip to this place can be quite memorable..

shopaholic women trying to find a ride while a guy tries to sell balloons to them, the extra curious passersby insisting on guiding you around or the peanuts seller who would not agree to keep the remaining change and insist that you take the balance money back 

…my country has some of the most interesting and genuine people.

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