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Mangosteen….Nothing like Mango!

This one has a more striking name than features….

May be not related to mango but it is called the ‘queen’ of tropical fruits

just like Mango is the ‘king of fruits’….

The purple exterior reveals a pure white somewhat tangy fruit…

And again Mangosteen is native to South Asia…

Somehow, never seen it back home.

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Lychee’s cousin “Rambutan”

That’s a very unusual fruit again…it looks somewhat like “lychee”,  but this one is hairy on the exterior.

Surprisingly, this fruit is native to tropical Southeast Asia and commonly grown throughout Indonesia , Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

But I saw this first in the US so it features on my list of unique things I’ve found here.

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Sugarcane in a packet!

Shivani Pandey

Living in India who has not heard of sugarcane?

I remember having sugarcane juice, ‘Ganne ka Ras’ as a child, which is a rarity to find in Delhi nowadays!

In the good old days, we had hawkers selling sugarcane pieces called ‘ganderi’ outside the school that we used to relish so much…

But I  could never imagine an 8 or 10 inch piece of sugarcane being sold in a packet….

And I always thought India was the largest producer of sugarcane but that’s not true, it’s actually Brazil that produces the highest amount of sugarcane in the world.


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Unique Fruit…the dragon fruit!



It’s been almost two months of living in the US…and I’m still exploring it  ….I realize that on each trip to the same destination you encounter something different and something unusual.

This time around I have made a collection of quite a few things that we don’t get back in India or things that are done differently here.

let’s begin a series to find things that we do not see or get in our country… and what can be better than food to start with …

here are some foods that are either not available in India or have a different name there….the first in the series is dragon fruit…

this one really caught my eye! Look at the those striking colours and contours ….Must say it’s yummy too and very healthy.





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My Exhibition …. Texas, United States

By the grace of God and the blessings of my well wishers, friends and family, I had the good fortune of exhibiting my artwork …what I call my picture paintings on canvas, in Texas, United States.

Its a prelude to my exhibition by the same name i.e “Life…Sa Re Ga Ma”…. planned for this winter in New Delhi.

Life…Sa Re Ga Ma where Sa Re Ga Ma are the Indian musical notes depicting different life forms dancing to the rhythm of divergent tunes of the life song in India. To show such an ecstatic and colourful symphony that comes alive with different elements of nature is what I have endeavoured to create in my current series.

There is an element of life that exists…and there is another element that is not part of the tangible…that which cannot be seen or touched but exists in the subconscious of every such element.

In other words, there is something that you have or that is your reality and there is something that you aspire for or dream of consciously or unconsciously.

As a being, I understand there is a dream consciousness as we all live life in daily existence combating the ground realities. However, I have visualised this three dimensional consciousness for not just humans but also other beings and non beings like birds, flowers, water, the sky and the monuments and sculptures.

My picture collection from all my travels  across India in the past four years or so culminated into this series…. As I travelled to the inner core of life, that is so much living and thriving in the heartland of this vibrant and vivid country called INDIA, I captured many images which depict life beyond needs, life happy in its being, whatever be the circumstance, and life celebrating life!

Sharing some pictures from the event….

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Drive through…Anaheim Hills

Well, sometimes its nice to just drive through a place and soak it in. The roads, the hills, the trees, the sunsets are some of the beautiful things that one can capture during a long drive…well I tried to do that when I was in California, which is very scenic and a very pleasant weather make its even more perfect.

It was not just the beauty of these Anaheim hills that fascinated me while I stayed there, it was also amazing how so many freeways and highways interlinked together eased out the huge traffic leading them in various directions…the landscaped roads and secluded houses on the hills made me think how every small thing adds up to make life easier, comfortable and more pleasant for people in a country.

I wanted to appreciate the engineering behind these freeways, the maintenance of a very clean environment with a lot of natural beauty, the landscaping around the cities and ofcourse those beautiful houses far far away on the hills.

While I wait for another time when I will be fortunate enough to travel to this place again… I thought I will share with you some shots from that picturesque drive through the hills.

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States Unlimited…Newport Beach, California

Well its both embarrassing and encouraging to start with my new post today… embarrassing, as I have been missing forever from blogging and encouraging because of those who have commented, followed my blog and some who have liked my facebook page. Well I’m so charged after coming back here.

To begin with…a lot has happened since my last post…getting used to the American life for the past few months…well it seems like I’ve been living a life of contrast.

It is not so different since the big cities like Delhi in India are very fast…the traffic, the malls, the movies, the big buildings…however, I usually travel many times to the rural areas of India, which are so different and completely opposite of the Western life; and even in the cities you can never pretend that things are completely like in a developed country.

There have been many instances in the US that have moved me to think of those still suffering in the developing world in more ways than one….There is lots to share from this rather long trip that I have taken to the United States…however first things first…my last series has to complete and so I bring to you pictures from Newport Beach, Los Angeles, USA.

Now that I have experienced both the pacific ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, I could tell you if you wish to freshen up especially during the summers with chilled water, then head to the pacific. On the other hand if you wish to stay longer on the beach and play with the waves without worrying about catching cold then Gulf is best suited for you since the water is so pleasantly warm.

However, coming from India which is hot most part of the year, I would prefer the pacific like in Newport which was icy cold though the warm water of the Gulf had me immersed in it forever….those pictures are yet to come….may be in the following posts.