States Unlimited – New York City

Well the vibrancy of New York City is so infectious that you kind of get into the rhythm pretty fast….and need I say it literally lights up in the evening….huge billboards changing with the blink of an eye are all pretty interesting to watch with gorgeous models with enviable figures selling colas to gadgets…its cool ..its fast.

I was rather surprised to see a huge gathering of people doing yoga right in the middle of Times Square may be the central park would have been a better choice, though it did make a very nice picture ….as for the cops they were pretty friendly and did not mind getting clicked with tourists….United Nations building was very guarded and had a stringent security check just like at the airport….and the most interesting thing was the glass building of a news studio in Manahttan…the anchor smiled (guess when they took a break during the shoot) as he saw us outside getting clicked with him in the backdrop one after the other….I do appreciate his focus and skills as he kept on with his job unperturbed….I loved NYC and ofcourse the variety of ice creams that I had from the vans parked all across the Manhattan area….I missed the sundaes and soft serves with sprinkles when we moved to other states…wonder if that is NYC exclusive??


6 replies to “States Unlimited – New York City

      1. I would love to see India. We have a vibrant Indian culture in South Africa as well, I grew up in Natal where the Indian population mainly lives, and I love the cuisine…

      2. Wow that’s nice…I know Indian cuisine is very popular even outside India…Dal Makhni, nan and butter chicken are some very popular dishes, Dont know if you have tried these?…I would love to see South Africa some day…looks very scenic in pictures.

    1. Hey my apologies for such a late response…it would be an honor to get posted on your blog…if you havent yet got that one…i love your blog idea…may be I can contribute some more in future…Well, this pic was taken near the United Nations building, actually right across from that…Kindly give me credit for this picture on your blog by mentioning my blog name…many thanks…best Shivani

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