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After a while…How are you???

Heelllloooo!!!! its been so long since I last posted… had decided last time to be more regular??? Guess ill make this resolution just once more… just this time ill be more firm with myself and ill try to post every week…. Lets see if I can do it…. Anyhow to tell you exactly what I have been up to….Well there has been a lot of activity besides traveling… Honestly for a long time I have been trying to build an independent platform to give myself creative space … for the same reason I have ventured on my own with MADS Communications private limited…. you can read more about it on the website… We do all kinds of communication based jobs such as photography, corporate films, content writing and even branding and promotions…Infact we are looking for writers/ web and graphic designers/ PR and Marketing people and if anyone is interested you can contact on…

CCS workshop on Policy making
CCS workshop on Policy making

Also I visited Mussoorie a hill station in the northern state of Uttarakhand sometime back (thats my next post) to attend a Policy Making Workshop by CCS (Centre for Civil Society)….As a journo it was an opportunity to enhance my understanding of public policy and interact with experts… It was quite an eye opener and had me hungry for more….So I am thinking of taking this forward by attending a short program on it but before that guess need to read up on Public Policy a bit more…. You guys are more than welcome to suggest any books on the topic????

Making a presentation with fellow journalists...
Making a presentation with fellow journalists…

Infact my latest article was about the Tiger Tourism ban in India, not a very well thought decision considering it gives a means of livelihood to so many….and left with no other choice people in the area would resort to unfair means such as poaching to survive…. I will post this one as soon as it gets printed in the mean while you could read my last one that I wrote on increasing suicides in the country….

Surprisingly a recent report says that India is making a world record with the highest number of suicides amongst young people…. Shocking isn’t it???

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