A visit to Rohtak, Haryana…a model village for immunization

Rohtak, Haryana
Rohtak, Haryana

Hello people its been so long since I last posted something on my blog. I have been a little tied up lately, just some new and exciting assignments. Also the weather has been so bad with temperature touching 46degree Celsius which is around 114.8 Fahrenheit….its literally too hot to handle.

Coming to my last outing this was a visit to a Rohtak village. Its actually considered a model village in terms of immunization rate which is 100%. It was a field visit organised by UNICEF in order to show the outreach programme related to immunization in the state and how both demand and supply side issues related to immunization are being met.

The Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) is actually a health activism initiative within communities. An ASHA worker is the first point of contact for any health related demands of deprived sections, especially women and children, who find it difficult to access health services. She is well equipped with much needed information and skill along with a drug-kit to deliver first-contact healthcare.

I met ASHA workers and interacted with them. Infact I even followed an ASHA worker to see how she goes about her job.

I have compiled the pictures in a gallery and attempted a picture essay….Hope you enjoy them….And this time I will be back soon with a post about a hill station I visited.


6 replies to “A visit to Rohtak, Haryana…a model village for immunization

  1. I appreciate your domain of thinking. On one hand you cover interesting things like travel writing but at the same time you are also concerned with serious social issues. I also appreciate your concern for humanity and it shows us how kind hearted you are.
    All the Best!

    1. Thanks Saurabh!! Well you can not ignore the real issues that you come across when traveling in India…and the same happened with me…was literally moved to take up developmental journalism.

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