Balloon seller kids of Delhi!

So I found a bunch of kids selling balloons painted with smiling faces. I got talking to them, and all the kids were 14 years old or younger.

Street kids on a busy street, love their job of selling balloons 🎈

What was special was that these kids themselves had smiling faces. Perhaps being surrounded by these balloons made them smile as what you carry around most times does have an impact on the psyche.

Same age, different circumstances!

Or maybe it is their age that makes them carefree. A no mind meditative state is a given with most children.

Too shy to be clicked πŸ™ƒ ☺️

I mean, they could not care less if anyone bought the balloons or not. They were just having fun.

Oh, she finally obliged!

Apparently, they were underprivileged, which is a fact, by normal worldly standards. But is it really true?

And this one posed! “Smiling like my balloons!”

Who is blessed? those who are carefree in mind despite their circumstances or those that suffer depression despite having all that money could buy? That is the question that lingered in my mind.


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