A random railway crossing in Odisha

Some random scenes unravel before our eyes as we travel to the interiors of India. Especially the ones that stand out from the maddening city scapes are those that have random innocent people who are somehow moving at their own pace literally as well as internally.

Much to learn from the cyclists above. They are in a hurry as it is the morning rush hour, yet they are so calm. The one behind is listening to instructions on his phone to rush. But he’s not rushing, honking, or is agitated in general.

People just have a beautiful rhythm about them in India’s rural belt.


2 replies to “A random railway crossing in Odisha

  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading about the peaceful scenes from India’s rural areas. It’s refreshing to see people maintaining their inner calmness even during the morning rush hour. It made me wonder, do you think there’s something specific about the environment and lifestyle in these rural areas that promotes this kind of peacefulness? Can’t wait to read more of your experiences!

    Y. Ehttps://shop.aihairsalon.ca

    1. Materially, I would say that except for the air, which is not polluted in the rural areas, largely not much in their environment is making them calm. They walk or cycle long distances for work. Whether it’s the roads or electricity or other amenities, everything is just basic and sometimes absent. It’s the inner essence that is untouched and unpolluted, IMHO. Lifestyle, yes, it’s very simple, and they have fewer expectations. Have you ever traveled to India?

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