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Happy Independence Day!! – Belated Ofcourse

Rashtrapati Bhawan at night
Rashtrapati Bhawan at night

On 15th August, we Indians celebrated Independence Day …. Here is my collection of the pictures from India gate with the tricolor, the President’s House and the parliament house. In the evening India gate has a special vibrancy with a lot of ice cream vendors, hawkers selling candy floss, papad sprinkled with black pepper, chana murmura and bhel puri (roasted chick pea with puffed rice made with onions, green chillies, tomatoes and mint chutney decorated with coriander leaves) which is my personal favorite too. Its the perfect place in Delhi for a night ride on a motor bike or in a convertible if you have one. And on our republic day which is the 26th January it is lit up like in these pictures. Since the pictures were taken in January most people are wearing woolens. The winters from November to March  is actually a great time to visit Delhi…Enjoy the pictures.

11 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!! – Belated Ofcourse”

  1. Lovely I must say! I see your passion for writing and photography. Though this is the first time I randomly bumped into someone’s blog, I really liked it. I am a writer as well and not a good photographer.
    I personally found you moving to such good places where we can actually serve people, not with a hell of money but yes with some happiness and treat them kind. I don’t find a way to reach such people, I will be glad if you could help.
    Keep writing. You’ve got a new follower now. 🙂

    1. Well Im not sure if a visitor can trust this stuff because most people from outside India would find it quite spicy…most Indians can easily eat this stuff without risking their health…what they are selling is roasted stuff like peanuts or chickpeas…so its pretty safe except if you are the kind whose not used to spice as they add a lot of masala or mixed spices.

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