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Arthi Baba…Out to change Indian Political Scenario

Arthibaba, Politician in the making
Arthibaba, Politician in the making….

We just completed elections in Uttar Pradesh…and amidst some very interesting twists and drama stood a young guy who had a different story to tell….Here comes a young 35 year old, politician in the making out to change the national political scenario in India……third time candidate from Gorakhpur constituency is an educated young man from Gorakhpur University.

….Meet Rajan Yadav, a Masters in business from the renowned Gorakhpur University…. During the election campaign he was ridiculed by many initially for his crazy stunts such as carrying out a funeral procession of Indian politics typical Indian style…..but over a period of time they have come along and now support him wholeheartedly and some even help him with little funding for his election activities….

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