#Worldbookfair for a great author and orator who happens to be my uncle😊

Attended the launch of the Hindi version of ” Quest for Swaraj” published by the National Book Trust (NBT) at the worldbook fair 2023. This one is called “Suraj aur Swaraj.” The book journeys through the life of a short-lived prince, Kishan Singh of Bharatpur, who achieved much in terms of social upliftment of the community in the times of the British Raj, even though his powers were limited. The book has many revelations from an important time in India’s history. The prince was truly “an unsung hero,” as rightly pointed out by the author, Dr. S.C.Mishra.

The author, Dr. S.C.Mishra, is a renowned historian and author based in Rajasthan. He’s blessed with great oratory that is both inspiring and enlightening.

The book was released by Minister of State for Finance, Government of India, Mr. Bhagwat Kishanrao Karad.

The book is also special as the author, Dr. S.C. Mishra happens to be my uncle. Moreover, the book is dedicated to his father and my grandfather, an eminent advocate, journalist, and political figure whose contributions to India’s freedom struggle find mention in the history books and museums in Rajasthan.

My earnest gratitude to the author for this enlightening book that reveals a part of history rather unknown to many.


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